Preview of Firm’s Month by Month Performance

Preview of Firm’s Month by Month Performance

Importing Google Calendar entries

Events created in CaseFox are automatically copied to your Google Calendar (if your account is linked with your Google account).  Changes made to these “copied” events in Google Calendar can be updated in CaseFox by clicking on “Update Cal/Tasks” button on the Dashboard.  Additionally, new events created in Google Calendar can also be imported by clicking on “From Google Cal” button on the Dashboard (system also launches a Google Cal import pop-up once every 15 minutes when you visit the Dashboard of your account).

Interest on late invoice payments

in “Add Client” or “View Client/Edit” screens, enter “Yearly Interest Rate” and select appropriate “Payment Terms”.  System will automatically calculate interest on over due invoices and include these charges on subsequent invoices.

Email invoices directly from your account

After creating an invoice, an envelope icon will appear in each invoice line under Clients or Cases/Projects tabs.  Click on this icon to email the invoice directly to the client.  PDF version of the invoice will be emailed.

Alternatively, click on the Invoices button on the Dashboard. The select “Email Selected Invoices” option to bulk email invoices to respective clients.

Timekeeping via SMS

In continuation of our effort to provide innovative and easy to use features to simplify your timekeeping and invoicing tasks, our SMS Timekeeping Add-On enables you to enter your time into your CaseFox account via Text/SMS messages. Now no more lost revenues due to missed timekeeping. Use your iPhone, Android or any mobile phone to log your billable time. You can simply send a text message to CaseFox in a simple specific format and the time note will be automatically entered into your account. Even better, you can save abbreviations (under Settings of your CaseFox account) and use them in these text messages. 

No changes to your account are needed except one. You will need to enter phone numbers of your staff (under the Staff tab in your CaseFox account). These phone numbers must be the numbers from which these staff members will be sending SMS messages to CaseFox. We will identify the user and your account by these phone numbers when we receive text messages. These phone numbers will not be used for any other purposes. 

Subscribing to CaseFox SMS Timekeeping Add-On is easy. Login to your account and click on Settings/Tools/Reports->Payment Options. After saving your credit card information, scroll down to the bottom of the page to subscribe. Only $5/month (for the whole firm)[note that this price is in addition to your regular subscription. This Add-On service can be subscribed/canceled at anytime independent of your regular subscription]. 15 day free trial. Further instructions on Dashboard and the subscription page. Please contact us should have further questions.

CaseFox Integrates with Google

CaseFox® uses Google Single SignOn to provide a seamless and transparent logon to CaseFox using your Google credentials. Please click on the “Google Login” button on the upper right corner on this page to start using CaseFox. If you are already logged into your google account, you will be requested to permit to retrieve your name and email from your Google account. For the first time only, you will also be requested to provide your firm’s name and address (to be printed on your invoices to your clients). After that, everytime you click on the Google Logic button, you will be taken directly to CaseFox Web Application without any login screen.

CaseFox also uses Google Calendar, Tasks and Contacts API. The tasks you create in CaseFox will automatically added to your Google Tasks. Similarly, calendar entries are also synced to your Google Calendar automatically. In addition, you can import your contacts from Google and convert them into CaseFox clients.

CaseFox Integrates with Dropbox

CaseFox® seemlessly integrates with DropboxTM to enable smooth and convenient case document management. The documents are uploaded securely in user’s own (or firm’s ) DropBox account. CaseFox uses DropBox authentication tokens, hence CaseFox will not ask or store your DropBox user name and password. If you don’t have a Dropbox account, sign up for free. Dropbox currently offers 2GB+ cloud storage for free. 

Vendor Management Module

Vendor Management Module is live.  Please visit CaseFox Knowledge Management to read more.  There you will also find  a wealth of information about CaseFox.

Essential Technology For New Lawyers

Pennsylvania Bar Institute: Essential Technology For New Lawyers.

Download PDF

Paper recommends CaseFox.

CaseFox Affiliate Program

CaseFox® offers an excellent affiliate program. You can earn 40% of gross receipts from your referrals for the first two years (that is, for the first 24 months of paid subscription).

CaseFox Affiliate Program

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How Our Clients See Us

Author : amassenburg4  (posted on

Feedback: 1) Visit What is your initial impression of what you see? Are you immediately drawn to click any of the buttons? Why or why not?
I like the colors.  Professional selection.  The page layout is very user friendly and easy to read.  The buttons & tabs are attractive and the information makes me want to find out more.
 2) Create a free account. Was the process straightforward?
The process to create an account was very easy and straightforward.  No problems.
 3) Are you encouraged to sign up for a free trial/free account? If not, why?
Yes, I will be using the free account for my business.
4) How do you think the site compares to other similar sites/competitors like and
I think that casefox is equally comparable to the other two competitors.  The pricing is more affordable and offers the same service as the others.
 5) Please share any additional feedback/comments you may have.
Great site.  I will be using the service!


John A :  You guys are awesome!  Thank you so much for your outstanding response to this issue.  I am a new user to your service and thus far beyond satisfied.  I believe too many people only complain about bad service and never praise good service, the old no one cares unless its broke adage.  I will definitely be sure to recommend you guys to all of my colleagues. 

Nevrivy Patent Law Group P.L.L.C.

"Our firm has been using CaseFox now for a few months, to accommodate the needs of one of our clients who requested LEDES compliant invoices. However, we have been so pleased with CaseFox that we have migrated all of our timekeeping/invoicing over to this platform for all of our clients. The user interface is easy to operate, and there are several features which have improved our timekeeping, invoicing and payment tracking efficiency. We recommend the service."

Albite Law Group

"The company I work for needed a timekeeping/billing system and we came across Casefox on the Google apps. We are extremely pleased. The system is very fast to work with and it was super easy to learn. Most importantly, we are very pleased with their customer service. We have asked for many small changes to meet our needs and they immediately responded. Thank you!"

An Attorney In Medium Size Firm

I’ll make sure to let the Attorneys know how awesome and user friendly this program is!

Brettin Law Offices PLLC

Brettin Law recommends CaseFox.

Entering Time and Expense in CaseFox

1. To enter an hourly billing item, enter the time (either hours/minutes or tenth hours format) in the provided boxes. System will automatically calculate the amount based on your hourly rates. (by the way, you can set different hourly rates for different cases. Click on the “Staff Access/Rates” tab, select a user, an “Edit” link will appear next to the hourly fee amount. If you don’t set a different hourly rate for a user, the user’s global hourly rates will be used automatically. 

2. To enter a flat fee item, simply enter the amount in “Total Cost” box and don’t enter anything in the “time” boxes. (this item will displayed as a “Flat” fee item on the invoice. Do not check the “expense” checkbox. 

3. To enter an expense, click on the expense checkbox (and leave Billable checked). Enter number of units in the box shown and then enter the total cost in the “Total Cost” box. For example, if you want to enter charges for 10 copies @ .20c/copy, enter “10” in the “Units” box and then enter “2” in the total cost box. This item will be shown as an expense in the invoice.


1. When entering expenses, make sure to also check [ ] Billable checkbox if you intend the entered expense to be included in an invoice. If you don’t check the Billable checkbox, the note will not be presented for invoicing. 
2. Click on “Cases” tab, select a case in the left panel bar. Then scroll down to the bottom on the rightside note listing. If you see an amount in “Non-Billable” category, you should review your time/expense entries. You may have not checked [ ] Billable checkbox in one or more notes. Of course, it is ok if you intentionally unchecked the Billable checkbox. 
3. For entering expenses, Select [ ] Expense checkbox and notice a slightly changed screen. in “Units” box, enter number of units (enter 1, if this is a flat expense, such as Court Filing Fees). For example, to enter 10 copies @.15/copy, enter “10” in “Units” box and then enter “1.50” in “Total Cost” box. 
4. If you have already created an invoice, you can delete it, edit the note(s) and then generate the invoice again.

Setting Different Hourly Rates For Different Cases

Click on “Cases (Projects)” tab on the top of the page. In the left panel, select a desired case. On the right side panel, click on “Grant Access/Set Rates” tab. On the screen, check the checkbox in front of a staff name. An “Edit” link will appear. Click on that link to enter a new rate. Click Update. This process will do two things, first, if the selected staff is not an administrator, the selected staff will now have access to this case (administrators have access to all cases automatically). Second, a new hourly rate (only for this case) for the selected staff will be set.

Please visit Getting Started with CaseFox for other helpful tips.

Generating Invoices For All Clients With One Click

You and your people (including contract staff) can enter time and expenses in CaseFox as you work on projects/cases.  At a month-end (or whenever you so desire), just click one button and all your invoices will be automatically generated. That is, less than a minute to generate all your invoices.